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Please note following factors: Aurora tours and Arctic road trips.


We will follow national guidelines. Please wear a mask during the bus trip. If you are ill or have a fever, we ask that you do not show up for a trip. You will get your refound. We want you to keep a minimum of 1 meter distance to each other. It will not be possible for us to show you camera settings on your camera, only oral info will be given.


For bookings contact us directly or book at this web-page.

Your responsibility

In case of changes of plans we need to get in contact with you. It is your responsibility to make sure you are updated at email and at cell phone the day before and same day as the tour!

Guests that not show up at correct departure time and place, will not have refund.

The operator will not wait more that 5 minutes after departure time. If you not respond at a urgent call, you might miss the tour.

Cancellation and refund

There is always 100% refund, if the tour is cancelled.

Guest has also right to cancel a tour without any costs, minimum 24 hours before. Please inform us!
There is no refund if you do not show up for a tour, or if you are late.

Aurora-trip and Arctic road-trip

As your tour operator we have the right to cancel a trip if we consider that the conditions are not there for an optimal tour, regarding to weather and Aurora activities! If so we always take contact with you.

Drop off

We bring the guests back to Tromsø city after the tour. Free drop off in city. Please consider your accommodation location, when planning a night tour. It can be costly to take a taxi for a long trip out of the city, in night! Transportation to your stay outside the city: +200-400  Nok.

(Depending on the length of drive out of the city) Last local bus from city goes normally latest at 12 pm /24.00

Credit card

You can pay your tour up on arrival at bus. You can pay with card. Please note:

+5% if you use a credit card.

The price is fixed, and there is no discount for day two.

Duration: 4-7 hours

Language: English. It is the guest's responsibility to understand the messages that are given.  The visitor must follow the guide's instructions.

Meeting point

at Scandic Ishavshotel, Tromsø city


Click here for Google Maps

What to expect

The Aurora forecast-index; can be low even though we can see a fantastic Aurora, the index can be high and the show might not be THAT good, it depends on the right atmospheric conditions! The northern light is not constant, it can show up for some minutes, and for hours. One does not know for how long it will last. So: as you understand the nature is hard to predict!

There is no Aurora guarantie!


The Arctic winters is sometimes hard to predict.

Due to low pressure coming in from the sea, it brings a lot of snow and wind.

We read the weather forecast carefully minutes before the departures.

We try hard to find the places that have the best chance of observing the northern lights. This may mean that we must to drive from the coast to the inland. The forecast can change dramatically from coast to inland! There is always a risk for not being able to see the Aurora!

If you are unsure when to book your trip, we recommend that you wait until your arrival date. On the other hand, you must be aware that our trips are quickly filled up and we are quickly full booked.

As a rule, we run our tours as planned. But under some special weather conditions we cancel when we see that there are poor weather conditions at the coast and inland. The Northern Lights warning may also be poor.

Remember the arctic winter can be very cold, be so prepared as you can. It is your responsibility to keep yourself warm!


We do not want kids under 12 to attend to the aurora-safari at night, because it can be a long night, it is always cold during winter time. Kids get sleepy and does not have the same patient as adults.


We recommend guests visiting northern Norway at winter time to dress well. Use wool layers and wind proof shell clothing. At our tours we can provide guests with mittens and boots, we also have warm thermal suite in size XS – XXL (please note that the suite is not very wide) Remember the arctic winter can be very cold, be so prepared as you can.

Thermal dress

Useful info: https://www.visittromso.no/en/Clothing


We do not serve any meals on our guided tours. But we do serve some hot chocolate, and biscuits. (This can content milk and egg.) At the Aurora and the Arctic road-trip tours we do make a stop by a local shop or gas-station. It can be wise to by something to eat there if needed.

Fitness and health

At the Aurora and the Arctic road-trip tours, we do not do anything that requires good physical shape, but we still emphasize the ability to move in rough terrain and in deep snow. Guests must be able to walk without help. Ground can be slippery during winter time. Guests must be able to assist themselves, regarding to clothing. We cannot pay attention to guests with special health challenges.


All guests must take responsibility for their own health and safety.

For other tours and activities

Follow the guidelines for each tour operator. Get updated on their website. We can only recommend other tour operators and are not responsible for their implementation.


Is only open for parts of the year. Direct contact by email. Bookings through www.booking.com

Ski trips

Guests attending to ski trips, must bring own safety equipment as avalanche gear. Due to the safety assessment, ski tourists must be experienced. we assume that every guest is familiar with local guidelines for avalanche risk.

http://www.varsom.no/en/ https://www.yr.no/?spr=eng




Useful web-sites

Do you want to go to whale-safari, please book https://www.visittromso.no/

Updated info about the whales in and around Tromsø: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1523681671204541/

Other useful info

Visit Tromsø: https://www.visittromso.no/en  

Aurora forecast: http://flux.phys.uit.no/Last24/



Weather forecast: www.yr.no

Arctic Breeze is a family run business.

Hopefully we will be able to convey some of the moods of “arctic living” to you.

We are dedicated to the love for the region. We love the outdoor life. We use the possibilities that the nature gives us, in both big and small activities.

We hope you will enjoy our home and our company.

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