Unique whale watching

Picture of three whales

Unique whale spotting

In the Tromsø region we have been lucky to see the whales in the fjords close to the city and at Kvaløya. The whales have been present for the last 7 -8 years. Last year the whales moved further north, to the areas in Skjervøy region. (about 3-4 hour drive with car from Tromsø) Some of the largest whale safari operators do go by boat to Skjervøy during the winter season, to see the whales. The trips last for 1 day.

The type of whales to be seen is Orcas and Humpack whale.

Moore info about the whales in norther Norway at facebook: Hvaler i nord

And the Whaletrack site at the university: Click here

We recommend you to book at: Visit Tromsø